Record Puck

Precision Made to 400 Grams with Coax between spindle hole and body of 0.05mm

Record Puck

Sorbothane Hemispheres

Sorbothane is long regarded for its excellent isolation properties. Available in a variety of sizes

Sorbothane Hemispheres

Iso-X Solid Oak Isolation Rigger

The addition of the attractively designed Out-Rigger platform will vastly increase the footprint of the component giving increased stability and improvement in sound along with the Isolation benefits of the spikes. Handmade and lovingly finished in quality Oak

Building a HiFi Stand?

If your building a HiFi Stand or Rack, we would love to help. Talk to us for all you Isolation supports, Spikes and Speaker pads needs.

Headphone Stands

The perfect stand for any headphones. Crafted by hand and finished in white or black

M6 & M8 Stainless Steel A4 Speaker Spikes

Solid Spikes M6 & M8 Speaker Spikes CNC Machined in A4 High Grade Stainless Steel. beautifully CNC machined to the highest standard of both precision and finish.


Speaker Spikes & Isolation Supports for HIFI Equipment

This is an ideal solution for those who would like the benefits of Speaker Spikes but do not want damage of compromise the integrity of their speakers by attaching Spikes.

Floor protector spike pads for spiked speakers

Spike Pads and shoes for anyone using Spiked Speakers on Laminate or wood flooring where it is vital that the spikes do not mark the floor. These pads give maximum protection and maintain all of the acoustic benefits of the original Speaker Spike.

Speaker Spike and Spike shoe sets

Solid Spikes Speaker Spikes and Spike Shoe sets. Stainless Steel Spikes with Shoes in Aluminium or Brass

Granite Isolation Platforms

Granite is renound for being the perfect material as its resonance peak is one of the narrowest of any material. The Solid Spikes Isolation Platform is manufactured from high grade solid granite with Chamfered edges with a highly polished flawless finish.