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Solid Spikes Rad-Pads for spiked speakers & stands

Solid Spikes Rad-Pads for spiked speakers & stands


Spike pads for anyone using Spiked Speakers on Laminate or wood flooring where it is vital that the spikes do not mark the floor. These pads give maximum protection and maintain all of the acoustic benefits of the original Speaker Spike.


  • These large pads 18mm (0.7″) Diameter and 5mm (0.2″) thick.
  • The Cone dimple is 90 Deg inclusive, to take any type of Spike.


The pads are made using traditional hand made techniques coupled with state of the art modern C.N.C (Computer Aided Machining) technology this results in fantastic high sheen finishing to ultra high tolerances. The pads are manufactured from high grade ISO Standard Aluminium Alloy.


A fantastic complement to any Speaker setup. Over 10000 Pads sold worldwide and used with every Speaker make imaginable.


Simply place the pads directly onto the floor then place spiked speakers on top inserting into the dimples.

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