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Sorbothane 19mm Hemispheres set of four

Sorbothane 19mm Hemispheres set of four

SKU: SOR-19-4

Set of four genuine Sorbothane Black Hemispheres


  • 19mm Diameter x 10mm high
  • Shore Hardness : 50
  • Load rating : 1.5 Kg – 3 Kg Per Four Hemispheres
  • Manufactured in England


Sorbothane hemispheres are an ideal Audio upgrade because of its unique visco-elastic polymer properties which Under load will gives excellent isolation.


The dampening properties of the material guards against high and low level unwanted vibrations. As a result excellent isolation is achieved for equipment such as

Turntables, Amps, CD players, docks and all other types of Hifi and PC equipment.


Simply place a hemisphere under each corner of the equipment to be isolated. The Dome shape gives single point contact with the equipment.


Sorbothane displays characteristics of a liquid and lightly sticks and may stain some surfaces over time, although not in most cases.


The sticky properties also help to hold them in the correct position in use, with no need for adhesive.


In use the Hemispheres will compress under correct loading.

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