HS-1 Headphone Stand in Black


The perfect stand for any headphones.

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Product Description

Why keep your headphones stuffed into a cupboard or drawer, getting its cable tangled up? Why not have it in sight, on a bookshelf or right next to your audio set?

Imagine your headphones sitting on a perfectly designed, perfectly balanced, hand-made, hand-coated headphones stand.

The perfect stand for any headphones. Made of sturdy 3mm thick aluminium, it measures 10cm in depth and reaches a height of about 25cm.

Due to the curvation of the stand your headphones headband will be at the broadest end, whilst the ear pads are cupped by the smallest point of the stand.

This, added to the slight flexibility of the material, will leave your headphones resting in its natural position when not in use, greatly enhancing its lifespan.

This Black headphone stand is powder coated by hand to provide a very durable finish and maximise the stands longevity. Its timeless design and durability will make it last a lifetime.

Each stand is made by hand, therefore small variations in shape and colour cannot be completely avoided.

  • Made out of thick aluminium
  • Powder coated for resistance against scratches
  • Packed in a wooden box, in which you can store your headphone. The box is made out of FSC approved wood.

Please note headphones not included

Additional Information

Dimensions 100 x 250 mm


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