Iso-X Solid Oak Pair of Speaker Rigger Isolation Platforms

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Most audio equipment benefits from proper isolation from the surface it is placed upon. This can guard against unwanted low level mechanical vibrations, improving the dynamic range and soundstage performance.

The addition of the attractively designed Out-Rigger platform will vastly increase the footprint of your speakers giving increased stability and improvement in sound along with the Isolation benefits of the spikes. Included are two riggers for a pair of speakers.

Solid Spikes Iso-X Rigger platform is manufactured from 40mm solid high quality oak with threaded inserts on the underside fitted with Solid Spikes M8 A4 Stainless steel speaker spikes and seated into speaker pads. Each spike can be levelled independently.

The wood itself is expertly sourced both in terms of sustainability and quality. Each platform is painstakingly handmade from a precision C.N.C template. They are hand-sanded to a glass-like finish before sealing and finishing with five coats of wood oil then a final secret finish is applied to give depth and a silk to touch sheen.

Platform outer dimensions are 630 x 540mm. Inner dimensions 450 x 310mm. Wood thickness 40mm with an attractive 45 degree chamfer to top and bottom edges.

Each platform includes a Solid Spikes stainless steel nameplate label which can be placed in any position.

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