Pyramid Audio Isolation Feet for Audio Equipment

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Audio Equipment Pyramid – Supports (set of 4) Aluminium Resonance Control Devices.

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Product Description

Most Audio Equipment benefits from proper isolation from the surface it is placed upon. This can guard against unwanted Low level mechanical vibrations and help with heat dissipation. Improving the dynamic range and soundstage performance.

Supports work as Resonance control devices as they achieve minimal contact area between the two parts of the Support assembly.

Simply place 1 Support under each foot or corner of your audio equipment. They can be used with C.D Players, Amplifiers, Turntables, DVD Players or any other Audio Separate.

The pads are made using traditional hand made techniques coupled with state of the art modern C.N.C (Computer Aided Machining) technology this results in fantastic high sheen finishing to ultra high tolerances. The pads are manufactured from high grade ISO Standard Aluminium Alloy.

The Pyramid – Support Assembly has an overall height of 15mm. The Diameter of both Parts is 18mm the Base. Part cone angle is 40 Deg inclusive while the Top Pad dimple is 45 Deg, to insure no interference.

Pack contains 4 Supports (4 Bases and 4 Top Pads), enough for one Piece of Audio Equipment.

Supports are individually wrapped then securely packed for shipping. Postage discounts for multiple sets.

These are not recommended to be used with heavy equipment.

Additional Information

Dimensions 18 x 5 mm
5.00 out of 5

1 review for Pyramid Audio Isolation Feet for Audio Equipment

  1. 5 out of 5


    Beautifully made. Perfect size for my CD player.
    Very reasonable price. They do seem to sharpen the sound up somewhat too. Can’t fault them for the money !

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